5 Tips for a Successful Deposition

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Plan Ahead!

Be sure to request all the required materials and conference rooms you need before arriving at your depo location. Requiring a move or change of venue, additional monitors or other technology can cost your firm precious resources and time. Specify if you need a videographer or tele-conference beforehand.

Provide a Glossary!

Give your team and court reporters a list of spellings for unusual terms, proper names, and other words that may be considered outside the bounds of common knowledge or routine usage. By providing the list before your deposition you minimize pauses and confusion during the process. This can save valuable time and improve transcripts while minimizing the need for editing.

Speak Clearly!

By speaking clearly you can avoid edits, wasted time and confusing transcripts. Practice your pronunciation and enunciation. Be confident in your speech and maintain a consistent volume by facing the person you are speaking to.

Avoid Unnecessary Sounds!

Refrain from slow pauses, oohs, ahhs and those strangely common utterances while you are speaking. By keeping things clear and to the point you free up time and make things much clearer for the court reporter.

Dress Professionally!

Where appropriate professional attire during your deposition. It is always a good idea to go formal when in doubt, regardless of the case or location. For women, this means avoiding provocative attire. For men it means a jacket and tie. Nothing beats professional outfits for communicating success.

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