Following the October 9th, 2014 raid on the Chukchansi Gold Resort and Casino, ten Chukchansi tribal police officers were arrested. Now nine of those ten individuals have filed civil lawsuits in the Fresno US District Court against Madera County officials. Among the claims are malicious persecution, arrests without probable cause, false arrests, economic losses, emotional distress and excessive bail. They seek damages, lost wages, bail, attorney and court costs.Overall the prosecutors claim that the arrests were politically motivated

Overall the prosecutors claim that the arrests were politically motivated as they were conveniently timed before the local elections for the District Attorney’s office and because the Madera County Sheriff’s Department conveniently overlooked Public Law 280, which states that the tribal police have criminal-offense jurisdiction within tribal lands. Thanks to these arrests the ten police officers involved faced 27 felony counts leading their bail to be set at an excess of 1 million dollars. Officers lost their homes, families, and almost lost their hard-earned careers over charges that were clearly overexaggerated. For more on the story look to The Fresno Bee.

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