As the seat of Kern County, the City of Bakersfield, California owes its lineage to the California Gold Rush of the mid-1800’s. Even today, Bakersfield is known for its rich oil deposits and top of the line petroleum refineries. Bakersfield also boasts a lush farming industry which may or may not have inspired Bakersfield residents to invent the popular Country Music genre known as Bakersfield sound.

This farming industry has also sparked a heated debate in Bakersfield’s City Council, which is considering illegalizing the cultivation, manufacturing, and distribution of cannabis inside city limits. Because California produces more cannabis that it consumes, lawmakers have deduced that a hefty percentage of the product is being shipped across California’s borders illegally. Bakersfield City Legislators wish to do their part in ending any illegal activity by assuring that the farmland within their city does not get used to continue over-manufacturing this controversial plant.

Whether your visit involves Bakersfield court reporters or fun with friends and family, make sure that you experience some of the best that Bakersfield, California has to offer!