Kern County Sheriff, Donny Youngblood, has stated that he plans to continue working with the federal government’s Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers in their deportation efforts as long as he is able. This announcement came after Senate Bill 54 was approved by the California state Senate and sent to the Assembly. Bill 54 would prohibit local law enforcement agencies from engaging in immigration enforcement, giving federal officials private information about individuals for immigration enforcement, or holding anyone but violent felons for transfer to ICE – among other rules, and effectively prevent Youngblood from assisting ICE officers.

There is still debate about how this will affect the Bakersfield, California community and what impact it will have on the courts.

While his resolution to continue working with the federal government will have no actual legal repercussions on how the law is carried out if the bill passes, he contends that his message is a targeted statement on behalf of his constituents. Others feel that Youngblood’s statement is an unnecessary polarization of the local community. For more on the story, look to the